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Glamorous Footwear Exposes Celebrity Flaws

Style-setters like Katie Holmes or Rihanna are often seen wearing gorgeous footwear, but take a careful look at their feet before you rush out to buy the latest hot shoes. Underneath those to-die-for heels lie the tell-tale signs of traumatized feet: corns, corns and more corns.

Most people are very familiar with the common hard corn that is known to affect ten percent of American women and five percent of the whole population according to a leading dermatologist quoted in an article on kerasal.com. Caused by repeated pressure and friction from poor-fitting footwear, hard corns are painful when pressure is applied directly to the lesion and to look at, hard corns are fairly small, usually round and hard. Single corns may be found over a joint that sticks out, like on the knuckles of toes, or on a bony area on the sole of the foot. Sometimes they are multiple and scattered across a larger area of callus (hard skin), usually on the sole of the foot but sometimes on the heel.

In between the toes, you may find a white, rubbery lesion that is often mistaken for athlete’s foot. This is known as a soft corn and is also painful, especially when the toes are squeezed together like they are in narrow or high heeled shoes. If left untreated, the tissue in the centre of the soft corn can become ulcerated. The warm, moist conditions found between toes mean a secondary fungal infection is common.

The first step to reducing your discomfort is to find footwear that has room for your toes to wiggle freely; however, both types of corn should be treated by a foot care specialist like Podiatrist, Sheldon H. Nadal D.P.M., who is based in Toronto.

As Sally Rogers (played by Rose Marie) in the Dick Van Dyke show once said, “You may have the world at your feet, but that don’t stop the corns from hurtin’.”

If you or someone you care about suffers from corns or other foot problems call our Toronto office to set up a private consultation so you can have pain free feet.







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