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Best Winter Foot Care Tips

Last winter was very cold and snowy and it's a little early to determine whether we are going to get a repeat of those arctic conditions for this year, but you'll want to be sure that you are outfitting your feet properly when you step outside once the temperature drops.

Winter Food Care Tips

•   Wash your feet regularly and make sure you dry them carefully before putting on socks or hose. Sprinkle a small amount of foot powder into your socks before putting them on to keep your foot dry.

•   Wool-blend socks will help to keep your feet warm and dry in cold weather. The wool acts as a wick to pull moisture away from your feet. When cotton socks get wet, they stay wet and are not a good choice during colder temperatures. Excess moisture on your feet can lower the temperature in your extremities quickly, leading to frostbite even when the air temperature is relatively mild.

•   Buy the right size when purchasing boots. Don't give in to the temptation to buy a slightly larger size, especially in children's boots, thinking that you will be able to get an extra season's worth of wear out of them. You could end up with blisters on your feet from rubbing against the inside of an ill-fitting boot.

•   Don't leave the house without wearing proper footwear. Boots should fit properly. Make sure that you have enough room to wiggle your toes while keeping your heel, instep and the ball of your foot held firmly in place.

•   Take your wet shoes and boots off immediately when you come in from outside so that you can dry your feet right away. Remove your socks and replace them with a dry pair. Make sure that your feet are warm and dry before going outside again.

•   When going skiing, snowboarding or ice skating, make sure that you are wearing the proper specialty footwear for these sports. Use orthotics, if necessary, to control your foot's movement in the boots.

•   Foot and ankle injuries are not uncommon during the winter months. Wearing the right boots or shoes may not be enough to prevent a slip and fall. If you do twist or sprain your ankle, rest the foot, apply ice to reduce swelling, wrap it in a compression bandage and elevate it.


Winter conditions can make walking outside challenging. If you have fallen or have any concerns about your feet due to the time of year, reach out to Sheldon H. Nadal D.P.M. to schedule an appointment. 

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