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Hobbling is not Cool for Aging Rock Stars

Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler caused a stir on the premier night of one of Oprah’s shows a couple of years ago when he revealed that he’d had surgery for a Morton’s Neuroma. Considering this is a man who confessed to a lifetime of taking drugs to the tune of $20 million, no amount of drugs or rehab would fix the problems he was having with his feet. In order for him to perform with his usual exuberance, he required surgical removal of the neuroma.

Morton’s Neuroma is not just a celebrity condition and it is more prevalent in women than men because it is often caused by narrow-fitting shoes. People who are overweight or who have flat feet are also prone to getting Morton’s Neuroma. The neuroma generally presents itself as a painful thickening of the tissue around the nerve that branches out between the third and fourth toes. The pain can occur suddenly and can be excruciating or can cause numbness in the toes. Some sufferers liken the feeling to standing on a stone; yet despite the discomfort, there are no outward signs of the neuroma on the ball of the foot.

People suffering from Morton’s Neuroma often postpone seeking treatment because the pain is intermittent; however, repeated irritation of the nerve junction by tight footwear, high impact sports or excessive weight gain can worsen the condition. An expert like Podiatrist, Sheldon H. Nadal, D.P.M., can carry out tests to confirm the presence of a neuroma. Sometimes it is possible to palpate the enlarged nerve or elicit an audible “click” by squeezing the foot in a specific way. An x-ray or MRI scan may be necessary to rule out other conditions.

Once confirmed, your Podiatrist will discuss treatment options which may include the use of anti-inflammatory medication, custom-made orthotics, steroid injections or surgery. A change of activity or style of footwear may also be recommended. Fortunately for Steven Tyler, he was able to take a break from his on-stage athletics and rest his feet by becoming a judge on American Idol.



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