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Does Surgical Bunion Correction Help?

Conservative treatment for bunions is the first choice for dealing with this painful condition. It will not be able to make the bunion go away, but it will help to make your foot less painful and make it easier for you to resume your normal activities. When these options have been tried and are unsuccessful at resolving the issue, surgical bunion correction can help.


Conservative Bunion Treatments

In consultation with your podiatrist, you may try the following to treat bunions:

•   Wearing extra wide shoes

•   Arch supports

•   Applying ice to your foot

•   Custom orthotics

•   Padding, splints, toe spacers

•   Changing your activities


Surgical Bunion Correction

If surgery to correct a bunion is required, it will involve cutting into the bone and realigning your big toe. If the surgery is successful, the joint will have a more normal appearance and your foot will appear more in alignment. Simply removing the bump will usually not solve the problem.


If you need surgical bunion correction, Sheldon H. Nadal D.P.M.will explain the procedure to you and what you can expect during the recovery process. 

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