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Don't Let Splinters or Spikes Spoil Your Vacation

A splinter in your finger may disrupt your yard work, but a splinter in your foot may well curtail your vacation. Spikes in the feet are a common occurrence for surfers, but are not unheard of for unsuspecting holiday takers.

According to a travel article contributed to theglobeandmail.com by writer, Anthony A. Davis, he was caught out in the crystalline waters of Negril, Jamaica. He said, “A rogue wave lifted me up and dropped me feet first onto an outcrop of sea urchins.” What happened next will most likely make the average person cringe. A local Jamaican man approached Davis, who was in obvious pain, and offered to urinate on his feet! This incident may sound shocking, but it is not unique. Uric acid found in urine, or similarly, acetic acid found in vinegar, is often used as a natural remedy to sea urchin spikes or jelly fish stings.

Beyond tropical waters, many hazards await the feet of unwary holiday takers.  Away from home, it feels so good to kick off your shoes and socks and stride out onto long stretches of silver sand or wade out into inviting water; the last thing on your mind is the likelihood of stepping on something nasty. But, it happens. Foreign bodies, including splinters of wood, glass, plastic and metal, commonly make their way into peoples’ feet and, because of their location, they can be somewhat difficult to remove.

Rather than digging away blindly with something sharp and increasing the likelihood of infection, it is advisable to seek professional help from your local Toronto Podiatrist, Sheldon H. Nadal, D.P.M. as soon as possible. If the splinter is on the underside of your foot, it can become deeply imbedded if not removed. If you are a diabetic and this happens, seek help immediately. An untreated foreign body can have serious implications to your foot health.





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