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  • Mark Wahlberg has surgery for ingrown toenail pain, but not in Toronto
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Mark Wahlberg has surgery for ingrown toenail pain, but not in Toronto

According to the website www.dailymail.co.uk, January 22, 2014 , Mark Wahlberg was seen wearing a protective boot following ingrown toenail surgery. He has been in Los Angeles lately, filming the movie "The Gambler".

You can tell if you have an Ingrown Toenail if the toe becomes red, swollen and tender to the touch at one or both sides of the toe. The toe may become infected. Ingrown toenail infection symptoms include redness, swelling, pain and bloody or pussy drainage.

Ingrown toenail infection treatment includes warm saltwater soaks, topical antibiotics or oral antibiotics, and gentle trimming of the affected side or sides of the nail by your Toronto foot specialist or podiatrist.

If a patient comes into my Toronto for the clinic and requires an ingrown toenail fix, I freeze the toe with local anesthetic, and a screen is set up so the patient does not have to watch.

I then remove just the side of the nail that is causing the ingrown toenail pain. I then treat the part of the root that is causing the problem with the carbon dioxide laser and an application of a special chemical. This helps to  prevent recurrence.

I then apply a small sterile dressing. The patient is then given written instructions to remove the dressing at home and apply a special ointment and a Band-Aid daily as the toe heals.

I then see the patient back in my office within one week to make sure the toe is healing properly.

Most people have so little discomfort afterward that they don't even require pain pills, and, unlike Mark Wahlberg, they can wear their regular shoes right away.

If you, or family member, suffer from ingrown toenail pain, please call my Toronto podiatry office at 416-486-9917 to schedule a consultation.

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