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27 year old lady prefers non surgical treatment for bunions in Toronto, shows off her wedding tatoos

Recently a lovely 27 year old lady came to my Toronto podiatry office with a Bunion of the right foot.
The majority of people with painful bunions come to my foot clinic with the intention of getting rid of the bunions permanently. I do this with a technique called Minimally Invasive Foot Surgery, also known as minimal incision surgery.
The procedure is performed with local anesthetic. I am able to do the procedure through very small openings in the skin thanks to specialized instruments developed by podiatrists. These instruments cause less trauma to the soft tissues, generally resulting in much less post-operative pain, swelling and disability.
However, some patients are not ready to have foot surgery due to personal circumstances, or because the bunion is not bad enough for surgery at the time. They are more interested in preventative treatment, to control or delay the growth of the bunion.
For those people I recommend made to measure Custom Foot Orthotics, or Orthopedic Insoles made from three dimensional plaster of paris casts. They realign the foot, improve the mechanics and help to control the forces that lead to the development of the bunion and may prevent future foot problems.
This lady told me that she was planning to do a lot of hiking this summer and so asked me to make her a pair of custom insoles for her hiking boots.
When she came back a few weeks later to try on her new orthotics she told us exciting news: she had just gotten married!
She did so, as she explained, in the Ismaili Muslim tradition. This involved having her legs and feet and hands decorated with henna.
According to tradition, the darker the henna, the more she is loved by her in-laws.    Different styles are associated with different regions.  She displays a classic Muslim style. This young lady, was kind enough to allow me to take some pictures so that I could share this with you on my blog.
One last thing. As long as the henna is on, the bride does not need to do any housework.
If I were her, I would never take it off.
If you, or someone you care about suffer from foot pain due to BunionsHammertoes Corns or Bone Spurs  or other foot problems, please call my Toronto podiatry Office at 416-486-9917. We will be happy to set up a private consultation so that you can get back to walking in comfort.
For more information on the types of foot problems we treat, please visit Toronto, Ontario Podiatrist

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