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Does Oprah really have six toes? A Toronto podiatrist answers this burning question

In a recent photograph taken by TMZ of Oprah’s foot, it appears that she has six toes.  There appears to be an extra toe beside the baby toe.  It is also obvious that Oprah has other foot problems.Oprah's toes

Is this really an extra toe?

The answer is, probably not.

It appears that Oprah has what I, as a Toronto foot specialist, would refer to as a splay type foot.  This means that the long bones, or metatarsals, spread apart like a fan when she walks.  The toes then go the opposite way.   They point inward.  In Oprah’s case, this has resulted in a large bump on the big toe side of the foot, called a Bunion, and another large bump on the baby toe side of the foot, called a Tailors' Bunion or Bunionette.  From the end view of the foot, the tailors bunion looks like an extra toe, but if you looked at it from the top, you would see that it is actually a bump on the side of the foot, just behind the baby toe.  This can look, from a distance, like an extra toe.

In my Toronto podiatry clinic I treat feet like Oprah’s.   Non-surgical  therapy involves wearing Custom foot orthotics in comfortable shoes.  They improve the mechanics of the feet and help to delay or prevent foot problems.  However, in Oprah Winfrey’s case, it must be very difficult to wear shoes comfortably due to her foot deformities.  She could benefit from Minimally Invasive Foot Surgery or minimal incision surgery, which I perform in my Toronto foot clinic with local anesthetic.  Podiatrists have developed specialized instruments that let us work through small openings in the foot.  This results in less soft tissue trauma which usually means less postoperative pain and swelling and a quicker return to activities.

If you, a friend or family member suffer from foot problems such as bunions, bunionettes, tailors bunions, hammer toes, Heel Spur Pain, Plantar Fasciitis, or even Ingrown Toenails or ugly thick nails due to Nail Fungus, please call my office at 416-486-9917. My friendly staff will be happy to set up a private consultation for you. 

And if you see Oprah, please tell her to come see me. 

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