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Toronto podiatrist discusses ingrown nails with Marvel's Stan Lee


Or, does the Hulk know it is not safe to run around barefoot?

On Saturday August 25, 2012, I had the distinct pleasure of spending some time with the great Stan Lee, the co-creator of such classic comic book characters as the Fantastic Four, Iron Man, The Hulk, and the amazing Spiderman.   Mr. Lee was in Toronto for Fan Expo which was held downtown Toronto at the Convention Centre.  I and two other fans of Stan's work had the chance to sit down with him for approximately forty five minutes and discuss his career, ask him questions, and take some pictures with him. 

I asked him what it was like to work with the great illustrator, Jack Kirby.  He told us how he described to  Jack Kirby and other illustrators such as Steve Ditko, a synopsis of the story he wanted to tell.  The artists such as Kirby or Ditko would then draw out the story in the prescribed number of pages.  Stan would then add the word balloons and the dialogue. 

Stan also told us how much he enjoys doing his cameos in the marvel superhero movies.  He told us that in the upcoming Iron Man 3, the director let him work out the details himself for his cameo, as opposed to having the director tell him what to do. we were  told to expect that this will be most fun Stan Lee cameo of all all the Marvel movies.

I told Stan that I am a podiatrist with my foot clinic here in Toronto and so I asked him if he has had any foot problems.

He told me that he has, in the past, suffered from a painful Ingrown Toenail.  He told me how he saw a podiatrist in Los Angeles, near his home in Beverly Hills.  The podiatrist, apparently, removed the painful ingrown portion of the nail under local anesthetic.  Stan also says that due to his failing eyesight, he sees a podiatrist  every six to eight weeks to have his nails trimmed. (It is a good idea for most seniors to see a podiatrist regularly for care of their nails and to diagnose and prevent foot isuues before they become problems).

In my Toronto podiatry office I have been treating painful ingrown toenails for more than thirty years. I have had he pleasure of giving permanent relief to many patients over the years by performing a relatively minor procedure under local anesthetic.  After I freeze the toe, I remove the side of the nail that is ingrown, leaving as much of the normal nail as possible.  I then treat the part of the root (or matrix) which contributes to the ingrown nail with the carbon dioxide or CO laser and an application of carbolic acid (or phenol) to help prevent recurrence of the problem.  My patients are able to walk immediately.  Usually when the freezing wears off, the pain is gone.  Follow up care involves applying an ointment and bandaid to the toe for a few weeks.  I see my patients back for checkups to make sure the toe is healing properly.

If you or a loved one suffer from painful Ingrown Toenails or any other kind of toe pain or foot pain or problems such as Bunions, hammer toes, Heel Spur Pain, Arch Pain, Plantar Fasciitis,  or Toe Nail Fungus (onychomycosis), please call my Toronto office at 416-486-9917 today to set up a private consultation.  Find out how you can enjoy walking pain free.

It was a pleasure meeting Stan.  He was kind enough to sign photos for myself and my two sons.  Believe it or not, Stan will turn ninety this December.  Although his eyesight and hearing is not as good as it used to be, he is still sharp as tack.

By the way, the good looking guy with the moustache is Stan. I am the guy  beside him.


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