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  • Major league baseball player Franklin Gutierrez has heel pain due to plantar fasciitis
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Major league baseball player Franklin Gutierrez has heel pain due to plantar fasciitis

According to reports, Seattle Mariners centre fielder Franklin Gutierrez is suffering with heel pain due to  plantar fasciitis. If not treated appropriately, plantar fasciitis can be devestating to a professional athlete since they need their feet to be free of pain in order to run quickly and efficiently. If not treated properly, palntar fasciitis can become a nagging problem.

The plantar fascia is a broad, dense ligament that begins at the plantar (bottom) surface of the calcaneus (heel bone), runs along the arch, giving it support, and ends at the toe bones.

Classically, someone with planatar fasciitis will experience sharp or dull pain in their heel or arch with the first few steps in the morning and following a period of rest. This is called post kinetic dyskinesia. The foot tends to feel betterwith stretching and a little bit of walking. It the person with plantar fasciitis spends a lot of time on his/her feet during the day and sits for a while (watching T.V. or eating dinner), it tends to be very painful when he or she gets up to walk again. It may not be terribly painful during exercise but usually will hurt later or the next morning.

In my Toronto podiatry office, I encourage patients with plantar fasciitis to replace their shoes if they are showing signs of wear, in order to support and protect the foot. I may recommend off the shelf arch supports to give cushioning or made to measure orthotics fabricated from plaster casts of their feet in order to improve the biomechanics and relieve excessive stretching of the plantar fascia.

In my Toronto foot clinic, I may recommend a non-steroidal anti-inlammatory medication (or N.S.A.I.D.) to releve the associated pain and inflammation, such as Aspirin (A.S.A.), Motrin (Ibuprofen), or Naprosyn (Naproxen). Another good medication is Celebrex (Celecoxib). I will also consider a cortisone injection.

However, many people do not wish to take anti-inlanmmatory pills because they are not good for their blood pressure, heart, stomach and bowels. Many also do not want cortisone injections because they can cause discomfort and also weaken the connective tissue. For those people, I offer sound wave and laser treatments.

If you or a loved one is suffering from heel pain or arch pain due to plantar fasciitis, or other foot problems, please call my Toronto podiatry office today at 416-486-9917 for a private consultation. My staff and I will do everything we can to get you back on your feet.





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