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Ten Foot Healthy Habits You Should Start Now

Ten Foot Healthy Habits You Should Start Now 

Healthy feet help you feel good and maintain an active lifestyle. Although most people focus on more visible parts of the body like the face, neck, arms, and hands, feet also need a lot of TLC. Fortunately, you do not have to make tremendous changes to your lifestyle to take care of your feet.

Here are some easy-to-adopt foot healthy habits you should pick up right away.

#1. Inspect your feet regularly

Every day, after a shower or before you go to bed, take some time to inspect your feet for any discoloration, pain, texture changes, or any other changes in appearance. Regularly examining your feet can help you identify issues well before they become serious.

#2. Don’t wear shoes that are too tight

Overly tight shoes are related to foot issues like bunions, corns, and calluses. The best way to avoid excessively tight shoes is to get your foot measured and fitted for the right shoe size.

#3. Clean, dry and moisturize your feet

Good foot hygiene is the foundation of healthy feet. When taking a shower, make sure you scrub your feet well with a loafer or cleaning cloth. Afterward, dry your feet thoroughly and apply a moisturizer. If possible, wait at least 15 minutes before wearing socks or shoes.

#4. Don’t share pedicure kits

Pedicure utensils are notorious for passing on fungal infections. Avoid this risk by either using a personal pedicure kit or thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting any shared utensils.

#5. Avoid DIY surgery

If you have an ingrown nail, resist the urge to perform “DIY surgery,” which could lead to an infection. The same goes for shaving calluses and corns, as this exposes the skin below to infection and irritation.

#6. Monitor and address foot pain

Foot pain that goes away is common, but persistent or worsening foot pain may signal an underlying condition. If you have foot pain that does not go away within a few days, consider speaking with your podiatrist.

#7. Cut your nails the right way

Always cut your nails straight across, and not into the sides of the nails. Although you may want your nail to look nice and rounded, digging into the sides when cutting your nails can cause an infection.

#8. Don’t hide discolored toenails with polish

If you have discolored toenails, don’t hide them under nail polish always. If the discoloration is not genetic, you may need to speak to a foot doctor to address the underlying cause.

#9. Always wear shoes when in public places

When going out to public places like public swimming pools, malls, and the beach, always wear shoes, even if just a pair of sandals. Since such areas are hotspots for fungi, wearing shoes will protect your feet.

#10. Let your feet breathe

Lastly, let your feet breathe now and then. Even if you live a busy life that requires you to wear shoes throughout the day, find time to wear a pair of sandals and let your feet enjoy a breath of fresh air.

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