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These Are the Worst and Best Shoes for Your Feet

These Are the Worst and Best Shoes for Your Feet

When it comes to shoes, there are endless options, with the only limit being which ones come in your size. Although people generally wear shoes to protect their feet, what most do not realize is that some shoes do more harm than good.

If all you consider when picking a shoe is the style and size, it may be time you took a closer look.

This article outlines what makes the best shoes and the worst.

The Worst Shoes for Your Feet

The worst shoes for your feet are those that podiatrists warn can injure your feet, cause pain, or limit your movement.

Look for these traits to identify shoes that can cause injury:

  1. Wrong size shoes: If your shoes are the wrong size, they might cause all sorts of problems, including bunions and corns.
  2. Pointy shoes: Pointy shoes, for both men and women, have a terrible reputation, and rightly so. Since they force your toes into an unnatural position, they can cause issues like hammertoe, bunions, and other toe deformities.
  3. High heels: Heels higher than four inches force your feet into a strenuous arch that places most of the pressure on your toes. Continually wearing high heels is associated with foot problems like ingrown nails, bunions, and tendonitis.
  4. Stilettos: Stiletto heels are notoriously unstable and can cause ankle strain or sprains, besides exerting pressure on the toes as you walk.
  5. New shoes: Most new shoes may pinch, but this should go away relatively quickly. The danger with new shoes comes from activities like running or long hikes, in which case, they can cause injury.
  6. Flats and flipflops: Flat shoes offer little to no heel or arch support, which strains your arch and can lead to heel pain and tendonitis.
  7. Ballet shoes: While cute and popular, ballet shoes have the same issues as other flats; they offer no heel or arch support. If you wear ballet shoes frequently, you may notice your feet hurt at the end of the day, which is a telltale sign of bad shoes.

The Best Shoes for Your Feet

The best shoes for your feet are those that support movement, protect your feet, and support your feet as you move around.

Look for these traits to identify the best shoes for your feet:

  1. The right size: Shoes that fit you well offer the best chance to maintain healthy feet.
  2. Wide-toe shoes: Shoes with a wide toe area are great for foot health because they allow your toes wiggle room as you move around.
  3. Wedge heels: Wedges are great because they offer a mix of support and style. If you must wear high shoes, go for wedges.
  4. Sneakers: Sneakers are great because they are designed to provide comfort and support during motion.
  5. Orthopedic shoes: Orthopedic shoes are specially made to maximize comfort, support, and motion.

Last Words

The difference between the best and worst shoes is that one takes care of your feet, and the other harms your feet. If you have any doubts about whether your shoes are helping or hurting you, speak to your podiatrist today.

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