Autumn Foot Care Tips

Autumn is a season of opposites.  It can veer wildly from pleasantly warm to bone-chillingly cold and from soaking wet to skin-crinkling dry and that can play havoc with your feet.  Thankfully there are some great tips to protect your feet from all the erratic changes autumn can bring.

Keep them Warm

First step is to protect your feet from the cold.  That means warm socks and appropriate shoes.  Sandals or open-toes may seem a good idea in the afternoon but the temperature could drop severely once it gets dark so make sure to keep an extra pair handy.  Cold feet mean discomfort and dryness so keep the covered and snug.

Let them Breathe

Of course it might be tempting just to throw on a boot that keeps your feet sealed off from the elements completely.  This is a mistake.  Without proper ventilation the feet can become overly sweaty and moist and that can lead to skin peeling and unfortunate odours.

Make Them Pretty

Make sure to treat your feet right once they’re out of their shoes as well.  Give them a nice warm soak to keep them soft and smooth and let yourself relax.  Get that dry skin off with an exfoliating scrub or really get into it with a pumice stone.  Moisturize your feet to keep the dryness out and keep them nice and supple to the touch.  In autumn, you may also want to switch to an oil-based moisturizer rather than a lotion since the oil can present greater protection against dryer air.


This is just a good general tip but you should drink more water.  The dryness that so often comes with autumn is best combatted with keeping hydrated.  That hydration will bring all kinds of health benefits including better organ function and healthier skin.

Autumn can be a great time of the year but you need to take care to protect yourself and your feet from the changes it brings.  If the fall, or anything else, is causing issues with your feet you should make an appointment with an experienced Toronto podiatrist.  Contact Sheldon H. Nadal D.P.M. today.