Choosing the Right Hockey Skates

Hockey is the great Canadian pastime and there’s no wonder why.  Speed, skill, and teamwork punctuate a game played with ferocity, courage, and determination.  Of course, it’s also a fun activity for kids and for adults who are looking to stay in shape without too much fear of getting checked into the boards.  The beginning of a hockey experience starts with the skates and here are some tips on choosing the right ones.


Regardless of age hockey skates should feel right when you put them on.  If they’re too big your feet will move around and affect your performance on the ice and if they’re too small they’ll be uncomfortable to use.  An important thing to remember is that your heel should be properly positioned right at the heel of the skate.  Make sure when judging size and fit that your heel is snug and secure.


Remember that you’re judging a pair of skates not a pair of shoes so there are some differences where sizing is involved.  When standing for example your toes should be able to feel the front of the skates but as you move to a skating position they will slide back slightly so that they’re barely touching.  Make sure your toes are not cramped however as that can be just as bad as them being too loose.  For younger skaters you can allow an additional finger or so of distance between the heel of the foot and the heel of the skate so there’s room for growth.


An important part of a good fit is lacing up correctly.  Don’t put too much pressure on the knot point or singular area.  Adjust your laces in a way to spread support across the skate so you have a snug but even fit.

Hockey is a terrific recreational sport even if you’re not playing at the highest level and it can be a great way to introduce teamwork and fair play to the younger generation.  If you have any foot problems that are precluding you or a family member from strapping on some skates and joining the fun contact Sheldon H. Nadal D.P.M at his Toronto podiatry clinic today.