Lasers and your feet

I have been using lasers in my Toronto podiatry office for more than twenty five years.

CO2 Laser

The first laser I purchased was a carbon dioxide, or CO2 laser. I continue to use it to treat ingrown toenails and warts.The procedures are performed painlessly under local anesthetic. Patients are able to walk immediately. For more information, please click on

1320nm YAG laser for toenail fungus

I have been using this laser to successfully treat fungal toe nails, or onychomycosis since August 2010. To date, patients have been thrilled with the results. We are seeing significant improvements without the risk of taking oral medications. There is no down time with this procedure. To learn more, please go to

Super Pulsed Infra Red laser for relief of pain and inflammation

I have been using this laser to treat pain and inflammation associated with plantar fasciitis, heel pain, arch pain, Achilles tendonits, arthritis, joint pain, capsulitis, and other causes of foot and ankle pain since April 2011. In many cases I will combine this with sound wave treatments known as pressure wave, radial wave or radial shockwave. In many cases these treatments eliminate the need for anti-inflammatory pills and injections. Please call us at 416-486-9917 to learn more.