Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Kenley Jansen has treatment for ingrown toenail

According to mlb.mlb.com, pitcher Kenley Jansen had an ingrown toenail removed after practice on Monday February 19, 2013.  It is reported that this did not keep him from missing Tuesday’s workout.  It sounds like a podiatrist must have done the surgery because podiatrists have developed techniques that allow patients to get back to their normal activities quicker following surgery.

In the case of an ingrown nail, in my Toronto podiatry office, my patients are able to get rid of their ingrown toenail pain permanently.  I use local anesthetic so that the procedure is painless.   I then remove just the ingrown part of the nail and then treat the part of the root that is causing the problem with the carbon dioxide laser and an application of a chemical called carbolic acid or phenol to help prevent recurrence.  You can walk right away. There is usually very little discomfort after. And if you are a professional baseball player, you might even be able to play the next day.

So, if you want to get rid of your ingrown toenail or any other foot pain, please call this Toronto podiatrist at                  416-486-9917