Toronto foot specialist reports woman in New Mexico sees image of Jesus on her bruised toe

According to, a woman fell down the stairs in her house in New Mexico and injured her toe. The toe became bruised and painful.

In an effort to heal the toe, she rubbed some holy dirt that she got from The holy Chimayo Catholic shrine, onto the toe. After rubbing the dirt on her toe and bandaging it, she said a bruise formed that looked like the shape of Jesus.

It is not uncommon to experience bruising on a toe, or, eccymosis, following an injury to the toe. The injury may be minor, or it may be more significant, such as a fracture of the toe bone or phalanx, or a soft tissue injury such as a ligament rupture or tear.

If you have injured your toe, it may be a good idea to visit your local podiatrist. He or she can determine if you have broken a bone, or injured the soft tissue and require a splint or realignment of the toe. If the injury is minor, it may just be a matter of applying ice to reduce swelling. X-rays can be taken if necessary.

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