Toronto podiatrist almost meets famous Canadian poet, Leonard Cohen

On December 4thand 5th I attended two consecutive Leonard Cohen concerts.  I sat with my basketball buddy, Mel.  We sat in the 8throw on the first night and the 9th row on the second night.  If I had been able to get front row seats, I would have stuck out my hand and introduced myself to Mr. Cohe,n so I didn’t quite meet him.

However during the intermissions, I did say hello to former Governor General, Adrienne Clarkson and her husband, John Ralston Saul as well as music historian Rob Bowman (one of the few people I know who knows more about R&B music than I do) .Olympic rower Silken Laumann and I agreed that Mr. Cohen sounds better now than he did on his last tour.

Leonard Cohen sang almost all of his hits in each of two three hour performances.  Not bad for a seventy eight year old.

My favourite songs included “I’m your man” (“If you want a doctor, I’ll examine every inch of you”) and “Save the last dance for me” which he saved for the finale of his second show.

If there was a third show, I would have gone to that too.